Arrival/departure days/times

You can arrive and depart on any day of the week you like, assuming availability – except for Christmas Day, when there can be no arrivals. On Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day and Ferrogosto (Aug 15), the arrival times can be no earlier than 5.00 pm, unless by special agreement.

If you are arriving by train, see “Free ride from/to Spoleto station” :


Our tel nos ar :

Laurie’s mobile : (0039) 349 739 3501 (if you can’t get through, keep trying as when we’re travelling through mountains, the signal fades but soon returns. Also, don’t leave a message – we don’t know how to retrieve them. Or, Laurie may have left the mobile somewhere temporarily but he’s always checking it so would soon remember it).

Norma’s mobile: (0039) 349 355 4556 (only use in event of an emergency since I will not know Laurie’s commitments and will not be able to make arrangements to meet you on his behalf – I am also geographically illiterate !).

In the event of an emergency, then, if you are unable to contact us – we may be out of the country, for instance, (unlikely, unless you have been advised by us as such in advance), then, phone Joanna, our friend, who speaks some English and who will always know where we are. Either she could pass on a message or tell you of our whereabouts.

Joanna’s number is : (0039) 348 611 2213. Please note that she will only have been briefed to expect calls if we are out of the country. But, as I said, this is highly improbable; and, further, unless we were on an emergency mission ourselves, we would inform all our guests as to any alternative procedures they should expect in our absence.

If you need to get through to us quickly for any other reason, particularly on your day of arrival, ALWAYS USE LAURIE’S MOBILE NUMBER ((0039) 349 739 3501). And, keep trying if you don’t get through at first – sometimes the phone may not be receiving the signal if Laurie is travelling under a tunnel or if he is in an elevator etc. It is best to only phone me for reassurance that all is well and for me to confirm that Laurie is out there somewhere awaiting your call !!! I do not have a car, I am unlikely to know Laurie’s whereabouts and, I am geographically illiterate.

MONDAY – SATURDAY ARRIVALS : always hate saying this, but, please note that, except for Sundays, on your arrival day, you should not arrive before 2.00 because cleaning may be taking place.

Please, also, give Laurie a ring on (0039) 349 739 3501 prior to your arrival so that you can make more exact arrangements as to when and where to meet etc. We have many guests arriving and departing every day and this means that Laurie has to be constantly on the move. So to minimise the possibility of any waiting around on your part, please phone him in advance.

If you think you may arrive in the area earlier than planned, then it is worth mentioning this to Laurie when you ring him, just in case the cleaning has been finished and you can arrive earlier than the “official” time.

If you think you may arrive later than 4.00 pm, you should ring Laurie in advance to give him as much notice as possible in order that we can make special arrangements to greet you and give you the keys.


You can arrive, usually, between 11.00 am – 12.30 am (check with us first) or, definitely, between 4 – 6 pm.

If you are going to be later, please advise us enroute on (0039) 349 739 3501 so that we can make special arrangement.

If you arrive in the morning, the apartment may not be ready but we can relieve you of your luggage and point you in the direction of a great restaurant !


On the day of your departure, it is very important that you leave by 10.00 am in order that cleaning can take place.

I’m sorry to talk about your departure before you’ve even arrived but we occasionally experience problems with guests lingering too long or, arriving too early – of course, we understand that guests want to arrive as soon as possible and don’t want to leave once they are here ! But, it is a question of logistics, unfortunately ! The next guests will be wanting to arrive……