Landline: (Italy) +39 (0)743 498 38
Mobile: (Italy) + 39 349 739 3501

If you prefer to be contacted by email:

To take advantage of a personalised car-hire service, DO NOT CONTACT THE MAIN AVIS OFFICE VIA THE INTERNET.

Instead, you should contact Marco or Maricel DIRECTLY at their Avis office in Spoleto on :
(0039) 0743 46272
Or, by e-mail at :
Both Marco and Maricel speak English.

After you have made the arrangements by phone or by e-mail, you should confirm the reservation by e-mail stating :
your name/exact dates of hire/exact model of car/credit card number with expiring date.

Also, in the same e-mail, please state that you require the use of their shuttle service from Spoleto station. Marco or Maricel will, then, arrange a taxi that will take you directly to their office from Spoleto station in order to pick up your car.
Providing you have arranged the car-hire DIRECTLY through Marco or Marcel, THE TAXI WILL BE FREE OF CHARGE.