Concerned about noise?

If absolute quietness is a necessary condition for your holiday to be enjoyable, then, you should not book any apartment or house that exists in a community. You should book somewhere high in the hills in one of the more remote parts of Umbria. However, be warned – with the exception of OUR mountain properties, where we do not allow dogs, if you stay in a mountain property, you may still hear dogs barking all night, since Italians like to have dogs tethered in these remote places to guard their land. (Further, you will often have “white” roads to contend with ie simple tracks made up of stones, rocks and boulders that are a nightmare to navigate ! And, there will be no nearby amenities such as a shop or a bar). 

Villa Marianna, Vista Del Mondo and Posta Del Sole, our mountain properties, just 20 mins (VM + VDM) to 30 mins (PDS) from Spoleto, each stand in their own vast grounds. And, in all these places, there is a spiritual peace you would normally associate with the mountains. We do not have dogs tethered nearby !

The rest of our country apartments exist in rural, rather than mountain areas : Porupine Cottages, Mount Olive Cottage, Spoleto By The Pool, La Passionata, La Romantica, Il Castello and L’Arco are in stereo-typically peaceful country environments. But, that’s not to say you may not hear cockerels crowing, church bells chiming and neighbours chatting on occasions, particularly if you stay in La Passionata and La Romantica, our Convent apartments, which are in a tiny, ancient, country hamlet.

Naturally, some places are quieter than others. But, it all depends on what kinds of sounds you are wishing to avoid…cow bells tinkling in Castelluccio, cockerels crowing near the Convent or church bells pealing in Spoleto. And, noises come and go. For instance, in central Spoleto, you may hear musicians practising, there are outdoor concerts held during the summer and, the music may not be to your taste and/or you may hear restoration work being carried out somewhere nearby. None of these things do we have any control over. However, at times, it can be really quiet, wherever you are.

Most of our central Spoleto apartments are in pedestrian areas so the sound of traffic is not an issue. There is a car-park at the back of the Rocca Dei Perugini but, it is small with just 3 – 5 cars regularly parked.

Penthouse On The Park and Il Parco are on a main road that has traffic at certain times of the day eg during the school run and at other times, the roads are virtually empty.