Travel options & tourist office

e-mail :

TAXI SERVICE (for short or long-distance trips)

if you would like a lift either from Rome or Perugia or Ancona airport to Spoleto or back to Rome or Perugia or Ancona airport from Spoleto or you would like to hire a taxi or a people carrier for any other reason, then, please contact Carlo B on : (0039) 347 9107977.

However, it is best to email Carlo for further info on :  because if he is driving, he will not answer the phone.

Please tell him you are staying with Norma at Umbria Holiday Rentals. Ask him for a price before you make the booking.

Carlo has a 7 seater people carrier or the usual taxi and he will give you a quote to and from Rome air-port or, indeed, any of the airports. He will also take you anywhere else in Italy you want to go. He can also arrange to take you to wineries and olive oil refineries. And, he does day trips to anywhere in Italy, where he will wait for you for several hours, to take you back – the rate for this is almost as cheap as a 1 way fare !


The Tourist Information Bureau can give you bus and train timetables (they commonly run out of printed ones but are happy to photocopy the necessary pages for you).   Buses run circular routes round the town. You buy tickets any newsagent’s stand (we recommend you buy a few as drivers do not like taking cash on buses) and punch them when you get on the bus.  Once punched you can travel on that ticket for one hour but thereafter need another ticket.  All the local buses go to the main station where you can get the regional buses to other towns.


AVIS CAR HIRE, which is just outside of central Spoleto :  contact Marco or Cristiana DIRECTLY on (0039) 0743 46272 (office is shut 12.30 – 1.30 on weekdays, from 12.30 on Saturdays and all day Sundays). Or, by e-mail at :

Both Marco and Cristiana speak English. But, please speak slowly ! After you have made the arrangements by phone or by e-mail, you should confirm the reservation by e-mail stating : your name/exact dates of hire/exact model of car/credit card number with expiring date. Also, in the same e-mail, please state that you require the use of their shuttle service from Spoleto station. Marco or Cristiana will, then, arrange a taxi that will take you directly to their office from Spoleto station in order to pick up your car. Providing you have arranged the car-hire DIRECTLY through Marco or Cristiana, THE TAXI WILL BE FREE OF CHARGE.


You may get a better deal re Spoleto or anywhere in Italy if you click on :

Another interesting website that I’ve seen with apparently good deals is :

Or, try, whom I believe offer competitive deals.

Please note that if you do decide to hire at this end rather than Rome or any of the other airports, then, if you hire from anywhere other than Spoleto, it could be difficult tracking down the car-hire office and costly if you need to hire a cab to help you find it. So, if you’re hiring from this end, please hire in Spoleto as advised above.


If you want any general information, the number of the Spoleto tourist office is (0039) 0743 218 620/1- the persons to speak to are Max or Cyncia, both of whom speak perfect English and who are usually very helpful.


A very convenient airport to travel to, apart from Rome, is Ancona – it takes 90 minutes to drive to Spoleto from there – rather less by train, I would imagine. Also, Perugia airport is about 30 mins away.


And, lastly, to investigate train travel in Italy, please see : and click on English.