Free ride from/to Spoleto station


This taxi service is an additional personal service on our part and cannot be guaranteed. However, we can definitely pick you up and drop you off at the station, providing the car is not being serviced or Laurie is not out of action, both of which are highly unlikely!

We offer this service as a “a welcome gesture” that enables our weary guests to experience “a soft landing”. However, in a spirit of co-operation, please try to arrive before 7.00 pm. Of course, we understand that, sometimes, late arrivals are unavoidable. We also try to take our guests back to Spoleto train station on the day of their departure.

Please note that there will be only one pick-up and one return taxi service to the station for each party. If there are members of your party who are arriving at different times, then, please arrange it amongst yourselves as to who will be the FIRST to arrive since it will be this person who Laurie collects in order he can introduce you to your apartment and give you the keys etc.

So, if you advise us as to the exact time your train will arrive at Spoleto station, then, all things being equal, Laurie will come and collect you, providing it is not before 2.00 pm (Mon-Sat) since cleaning may be going on until that time and your apartment may not be ready (although, you can phone to check, just in case the apartment is ready earlier), or, 4.00 pm (Sunday) since we are out for lunch between 12.30 pm – 4.00 pm (the great Italian tradition!). However, on a Sunday, if you arrive between 11.00 am and 12.30 am, if the apartment is still being cleaned, then, all things being equal, Laurie will meet you and relieve you of your luggage. If the apartment is ready, you can move in straightaway.

You can advise me by e-mail in advance as to the exact arrival time of your train or you can phone Laurie on the day. Having said this, it is always advisable to phone Laurie on the day in addition, if you can, just to check that all is well. Or, phone from Spoleto station if Laurie happens not to be there. But, he is usually very reliable.

Also, make sure you get to the train doors to open them in time – we’ve had some guests who were not quick enough and ended up going on to the next station !

If you have not advised us as to your arrival time, by email, then, if it is a Sunday and you are arriving after 12.00 am and before 4.00 pm, please phone Laurie enroute or from Spoleto station (if you do not have a mobile). And, rather than waiting until 4.00 pm to be picked up by Laurie, you can walk into Piazza Garibaldi by walking straight ahead from the main exit of the station, along a long wide road and, at the end, turn right and continue walking through one of two arches. Here, you will find bars and a restaurant. And, if you continue up Corso Garibaldi, still walking straight ahead, you will also find shops and, eventually, once you reach Porta Fuga, still walking straight ahead, more restaurants and shops. If you decide to walk into Spoleto centre, rather then be picked up from the station, please advise Laurie accordingly when you contact him.

If for some reason, you think you may be delayed, then, it is urgent to phone Laurie or me to inform us of your delay as he has many guests arriving and departing whom he must attend to.

Should Laurie be delayed and not be at the station when you arrive (he will find you if he is there and he drives a dark red Peugeot Estate car), then, please just stay put and wait – there is a bar. And, if you are delayed but can’t communicate this to Laurie for any reason, then, please do the same ie just stay at the station and wait since he will keep returning to the station to check for your arrival, should you fail to be on the train he is expecting you to be on.

So, the main rule of thumb to remember if all else fails is to stay put at Spoleto station, unless you have arranged another meeting place with Laurie. However, please rest assured that it is usually the case that everything goes smoothly !

Laurie’s number is : (0039) 349 739 3501

My number in an emergency is (0039) 349 355 4556. However, only use this number if all else has failed since I won’t be able to pick you up and won’t know of Laurie’s whereabouts. However, I will be able to reassure that all is well and that he is just delayed. And, I should be able to get a message to him, if you are delayed.


Then, if you arrange it with Laurie in advance and, if it is convenient for him, Laurie may also give you a lift back to the station for your return journey.