By train from Rome airport to Spoleto


So here are your directions from the airport – firstly buy your tickets!

From Fiumicino, there is a train direct from the airport to the main Roma/Termini station.

From Ciampino, there is a shuttle bus to Roma/Termini station.

At Termini station, there is the normal ticket office but there can often be long queues. It is easier to use the ticket machines, which have an “in English” button to start the buying process. Try to buy the tickets with the shortest journey time – you can get to Spoleto from Termini on a fast train in about 1 hour and 15 mins, I think.

Remember to validate your tickets always before you board a train in one of the yellow boxes you will see all over the place near to the platforms. The word for “platform” is “binario”.

Then, when you know when you should be arriving at Spoleto station, phone Laurie from Termini station so that he knows what time to meet you. Otherwise, phone Laurie when you get to Spoleto station. But, in this case, you may have to wait a short time – there is a bar. Laurie’s number is : (0039) 349 739 3501. If you have managed to contact Laurie in advance and he is delayed, then, please just stay put at the station – he will turn up eventually.

In an emergency, you can phone me on (0039) 349 355 4556. However, I will not know of Laurie’s exact whereabouts and won’t be able to make arrangements on his behalf, neither do I have a car to pick you up. But, I will be able to reassure you that all is well and pass on a message for you.